Neon Signs by Neon Tech

Επιγραφές ΝΕΟΝOur company "NeonTech" is the source of neon signs for the last seven decades. During this time with the collaboration of a number Signboard constructors we have builded and installed literally miles of neon tubes for concealed lighting, roof signs, decorations spaces, artistic designs and letters NEON for shop windows for many years.

H Our experience, the use of best materials combined with sophisticated machines in our workshop, has made "NeonTech" one of the most prominent companies in the neon sign business. All of theabove guarantee the functionality and longevity of the products we produce. That's why all of our products come with a warranty and can be readily repaired in our workshop.

Following the developments in the field of neon signs and neon lighting in general, "NeonTech" is using, except of the traditional materials the use of colorfull neon tubes that in conjunction with the soft and friendly to our eyes light emitting makes an appreciable difference between anything different.

We believe that our passion for our work in conjunction with your own imagination and aesthetic taste, can make any idea you have for decorating any area. We work with you and always believe that the inscriptions and decorations of neon is art and not work!