About us

See how neon lighting can make your business stand out


For over 60 years now we design, manufacture and repair neon signs, neon lights, neon ornaments and anything has to do with neon lighting! We are a trusted family run business with vast experience we have implemented several thousand meters of glass tubes of neon lighting.

We have worked with the biggest names in Signboard companies in Greece and abroad. No work for us is big or small. We manufacture, we service and we can maintain any type of Neon Signs your business needs. We can make any area you have stand out using adequate neon lighting resulting in the best possible view.

We are here to serve you and help you create the best out of your business!





  • We build Neon Signs for over 60 years.
  • We got the experience to work on any type of Neon Sign construction big or small.
  • We can build and service any neon sign in Greece and abroad.
  • We are on the cutting edge of technology and we follow the Greek and International markets for any new development on neon lighting.
  • There are thousands of customers that have trusted us.
  • We cooperate with the bigest business of sign constructors in Greece.

NeonTech your faithfull partner . . .